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By Jeff Smyth

Pinckneyville Post

Perry County Sheriff Keith Kellerman confirmed that he will review a video taken by a camera on-board the Canadian National (CN) Railroad locomotive involved in a fatal collision last week.

Kellerman will watch the video April 1, but added the investigation his department is heading into the accident could take several weeks as he awaits a final report from the railroad that includes data from a recorder also equipped on the train.

The PCHS Music Makers are finishing up with rehearsals in advance of the premiere of "Shrek, The Musical." (click image to view the gallery)

The PCHS Music Makers will present "Shrek the Musical" March 20-22 at the school. Tickets are on sale at the district office and Perry County Marketplace. Adults are $10; children, $8. The cast includes:

Front Row:

Richard Jones, Cassie Andrade, Kaylea Gleason, Hayden Swain, Erica Crews, Kaveeka Stell, Taylor Geary, Maggie Sanders, Holly Hagston, Libby Ryterski, Sydney Ginn, Ashley Wild, Kelsey Ginn
Middle Row:
Kalie Bathon, Micaela Heine, Raven Alvis, Haley Johnston, Laci Zeidler, Ashley Maxey, Brianna Carle, Marrisa Stowers, Cassie Fisher, Mallory Stein
Back Row:
Trevor Hood, Jamie McKee, Jake Schmidt, Clayton Wyciskalla, Katie Kovic, Alec Brand, Zach Hagene, Bryan Turney, Gabe Cope, Emily Haycraft

By Jeff Smyth

Gov. Pat Quinn was willing to sell Illinois’ coal industry up the river last month when he called for the Illinois Pollution Control Board (IPCB) to adopt emergency measures regulating the handling and storage of petroleum coke (petcoke), as well as coal. Quinn’s action was frivolous and presumably done to pander to environmentalists and Cook County voters.

Fortunately, the IPCB rejected his notion that public health was in danger, but southern Illinoisans should not forget what Quinn tried to pull – forsaking this region in exchange for upstate votes.

By Jeff Smyth

You gotta tip your glass to male ingenuity; give a guy a broom and he’ll concoct a drinking game around it. Want proof, check out the “sport” of curling during this year’s Olympics. In it, you have a guy skimming some doughnut-shaped thing (called a “stone”) across ice while his mates frantically sweep the surface in front of it. No one knows why they do this, or why Olympic officials have deemed it a sport, but I suspect its origins date back to when men began being men.

The levels of stress, frustration and despair over this snowy and, for Southern Illinoisans, extended winter is wearing on both people and snow shovels. Come home robins!

The class pictures that adorned the walls of the old Pinckneyville Community High School building have been digitized and are now viewable in the common area of the new school at The Panther Connection kiosk sponsored by First National Bank in Pinckneyville.

The pictures can be searched by year of class or individual name and be seen on either a 60 inch screen – ideal for group gatherings such as reunions -- or a PC monitor. In addition to the class photos, the work of students in the graphic and web designs programs will be presented for other classmates and the public to enjoy.

The PCHS Panthers lost to Carterville Jan 17, 55-38 dropping its divisional record to 3-2. The team is now tied with Carterville for second. (click on the image for more photos of game action plus shots of the cheerleaders and poms.)

The Pinckneyville Community High School Pom Poms squad won first in Class A Jazz and qualified that routine to the IDTA state contest in Belleville Jan. 4.  It also placed third in Class A Kick. Laci Zeidler was selected as a "Rising Star".  This award is given to members that stand out in regard to their overall performance. The squad is coached by Rhonda Hicks and Stephen Cannedy.

Front Row:  Laci Zeidler, Jordyn Wieland, Katie Kovic, Callie Priebe, Bailey Nippe, Madison Coleman.
Middle Row:   Sydney Ginn, Shelby Morgenthaler, Ashley Maxey, Taryn Pabst, Kaitlyn Sweeney, Haley Johnston, Madison Hutchings,  Kelsey Ginn.
Back Row:  Ashley Wild, Sydney Stanton, Alexis Ruffino, Sierra Benbrook, Callie Bigham.
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